Our company offers to take part in an interview for the job in the best 5 star restaurants and hotels brands in the United Arab Emirates (Jean Georges, Food Fund International, Cavalli Club, etc.).

• age 21 – 35 years;
• English language proficiency of confident mid-level and higher (an interview with the employer in English);
• pleasant appearance;
• encouraged (but not required) previous experience in the service sector;
Why it is worth to go to the UAE:
• a highly developed country, rule of law, one of the safest countries in the world, virtually no crime;
• the best “Lux” beaches and hotels ;
• an international population (70% of the population are Europeans, Americans, Canadians, Asians, and many others);
• the opportunity to practice and improve English;
• easy visa procedures, the minimum risk of refuse;
• high income, no tax;
• recruitment of candidates throughout the year;
• the period of registration – about a month.

What are the main advantages of working in the UAE:
• The ability to make money and build a career: income 600-1200 dollars (salary + tips) + transfer flights, food, accommodation, medical insurance;
• After the end of the contract, due to the resulting qualification (advanced English, working experience in the world-class company) participant can quite successfully build their career and increase earnings.

What the company offers?
• to provide the working contract for 2 years;
• The employer shall provide and pay for the visa and the flight in both directions;
• food, accommodation in a furnished apartment at the expense of the employer;
• travel to and from work;
• health insurance;
• workshops, training courses, paid training;
• each year of paid leave from 21 to 30 days;
• opportunity for career growth.

Please send your resume by e-mail